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Welcome to Seattle Moms Deal Finder!  SMDF is run by Jennifer Magnotti, a Seattle area mom. Jen loves deal finding and is always on the lookout for the best stuff for moms, kids and babies.

Seattlemomsdealfinder.com is a Seattle/Eastside blog that began in the early spring of 2009, and has maintained steady readership growth.  We blog daily about online shopping for families, destination discounts, entertainment discounts and in-store discounts found throughout neighborhoods in the greater Seattle area.  With over a million page views and over 500 daily active users, it’s a page that continues to grow as years go by.

Based on compiled stats for the year 2015: We had 429,196 page views with 48,322 users.  Geographically, most readers reside in the state of Washington (most from Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland).  We have loyal readers who visit our site often, 80% of our site visitors in 2015 were return readers.

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About Jen

What is your favorite children’s book?
My favorite could be “The Going to Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton. My son has loved it since he was a baby so there are many special memories attached to it. We also really love the Little Critter series!
What is your favorite children’s clothing brand?
Right now, I am really into Tea Collection and Mini Boden. The clothing is sturdy, unique and both me and kids love it. Win-win!
Do you have a favorite Seattle memory?
My husband and I previously lived on Capitol Hill and I loved the neighborhood. Eating at the amazing restaurants and going for long walks in the evening, dreaming about living in one of the beautiful old houses with the most incredible gardens… I love Capitol Hill!
What is your favorite thing to do in the Seattle area?
I love visiting the local Farmer’s Markets, enjoying a cup of coffee and discovering new parks and beaches with my family. A good walk around Greenlake is pretty awesome too.
What are three webpages you check daily?
Seattle Moms Deal Finder
MinimalistBaker.com I love vegan cooking!
Tell us why you blog?
I love finding deals! And I love sharing them. I know we all work hard for our money and I like knowing that our site is helping some of us moms save a little money on the things we love. I’ve always liked nice things, but never for full price. I like finding an item I love in a store, and taking on the challenge of doing some research and finding the best possible deal on that item.

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Kudos for Seattle Moms Deal Finder
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This section is dedicated to positive reader feedback and praise!  Send us an e-mail or note and let us know how much and why you love SMDF and we’ll add your Kudos here!

  • “I subscribe to lots of “deal finding” type blogs, but this one is great because the deals are local. Thanks!” -Stella
  • “I love this blog because I check it in the morning before I head out and take advantage of the coupons and deals. We’ve had many days where I’ve gotten a “free” this or a “discounted” that. Even my husband takes advantage of some of the coupons!” -Melissa
  • “I love the sweet deals!!! I love the fact that your deals are valid outside of the Seattle area. I live in Idaho, and a lot of your deals still apply!” – Hannah
  • “I love that the site is updated daily, and that the products and services are usually things I am interested in. Also, I appreciate that some things are for online shopping but some are for in store shopping. Thank you for providing this service!” – Little Aaron’s Mommy
  • “I love that you include deals for non-moms, too!  Thanks” – Sarah S.
  • “I love your site and check it multiple times per day”.  -Jeannie P.
  • “I love your blog by the way.  You have the best deals and I love what you choose to feature. You have great taste!” -Stacy C.
  • I love that (1) you post consistently, (2) there is a genuine voice to the blog, and (3) the deals are amazing! -Bao
  • I love how simple and straight to the point this blog is….full of great deals! – Christ
  • I love that I get introduced to new, unique, and cool products that I would otherwise not know of…thank you! I also love that most of them are supporting local co’s. – JoAnn
  • I love finding out about new items for kids or places in Seattle I wasn’t aware of. Plus having a great resources for discounts. – T. Simpson
  • I am a grandmother and I find many deals on your site that are amazing!  Thank you for providing a great service to such a wide audience!
  • Thank you so much. You ladies are awesome! I love what you ladies are doing on this blog. It’s so helpful. I check it out almost  daily and have found great deals thanks to you! Thank you soooooooo  much. -Shellie