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Romp Bellevue Birthday Parties and More

Are you looking for a fabulous venue for your child’s next birthday party? We suggest Romp, a local modern playspace for kids of all ages. Romp is a day time member-based, drop in play space. But they offer so much more. Romp allows you to rent their gorgeous space on the weekends for your birthday parties, baby showers, dinner parties or whatever else you can think of.

We recently got the opportunity to host our own party at Romp and can’t wait to share our experience with you. Jen’s daughter just turned 5, so this was the perfect place to gather our family and friends to celebrate the big milestone.

Upon arriving, we were greeting by a small team of helpful employees who wanted to help make the party set-up effortless and smooth. They immediately assisted us with unloading the car, set up our party favors in the front lobby and displayed our food and drink nicely for our guests to enjoy. Romp is set up with a very open concept where the kitchen area simply overlooks the entire play space, so the parents can enjoy some refrehsments while being able to keep an easy eye on this kids while they safely play. 
We set up a simple craft on the little kids tables and kids could participate at their leisure, however they all seemed so content to just play and enjoy themselves out in the play area with their friends. And let us tell you, we had a wide range of ages (from 0-8) and they all had a super fun time playing. Romp has an awesome selection of toys that entertain and engage kids of all ages. If you have a wide age range of kids who would attend a party, Romp is simply ideal.

Toward the end of our 2-hour party, we brought out the cake and sang Happy Birthday as a group and served the cake. We began to clean up shortly after that and wrapped up the lovely party with hugs goodbye and more birthday wishes. Our party time at Romp was special and memorable. Best of all Romp just made it easy to actually enjoy the party and gave us a chance to visit with our guests rather than running arounf making sure everything was going smoothly. That was such a wonderful and relaxing feeling and a true gift to the party host!

The best toy collection!
Jen’s 5 year old, Charlotte
Sam having a blast in the playhouse

We would not hesitate to throw another party at Romp! The entire process flowed smoothly and everyone had plenty of room to explore and visit comfortably. Not to mention all the compliments from party guests on how stunning and stylish the space was. Romp would be an ideal place to host any type of party. The venue is modern and comfortable, perfect for any group.

But Romp doesn’t just host amazing parties. Romp is mainly a membership-based modern playspace for kids of all ages, and even offers classes and groups to enrich members experiences at Romp. There is always a packed calender of classes available to members, depending on the level of membership you sign up with. Many options and combinations are available to suit the needs of your children and your schedule! There’s something for everyone, from new moms with pre-crawlers, who just need to get out of the house, to STEM based science classes for older children. 
Romp is always evolving and growing. In fact, Romp is expanding! Romp will undergo some construction in the late summer, which will make Romp newer and better than ever (should be completed by the end of September).  Romp is also expanding in Seattle (on the 2nd floor of Wunderkind by U-Village), where they will begin to offer enrichment classes weekday afternoons in September. So many exciting things happening and lots of wonderful opportunities for your children to have the best experience learning while having fun with the wonderful Romp team in Bellevue and now Seattle. Read more about that here.

Romp is a place you simply must check out. Schedule a free tour and see what we mean. A true gem in the Seattle area!  


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